The Art Expo at Pier 92-March 2012

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

This annual art expo showcases artists from around the world.

This years highlights included Tony Roko a Motor City native that captures amazing portraits of musicians and beautiful women. His use of auto motive paints and industrial enamels makes his paintings really come to live.


Next was Alexis Silk from Illinois.Her fantastic work with bronze and iron  glass sculptures captures the human form as well as plants that create very surreal  images


Thomas R. Wargin from Wisconsin has some of the most inventive and unusual metal sculptures that I have ever seen


Amir Gilboa from Israel creates some mind blowing 3D animation  series on dogs

His piece called Dog In The Darkness centers around an imaginary dog that emerges out of the dark woods.It’s so visual exciting but hard to explain without actually seeing it live.


Sunstorm has been a cultural odyssey since 1975.This art magazine showcases a lot of rock musicians that are also very talented painters in their own rights.Singer Annie Haslam does beautiful paintings on guitars

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