2012 New York International Auto Show At The Javitis Center

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

The annual  New York international  auto show is the the most popular show at the Javit’s Center.

This year’s worldwide auto show debut was the Terrafugia Street Legal Airplane.

Yes, the car plane. Amazing demonstrations of the wings opening and closing.Its been over a hundred years in the making,but now the dream is a reality throught modern technogy at Terrafugia the areospace company founded by pilots and engineers.

Also Shelby American was celerbrating 50 years in business and had on display the original 1962 Cobra.

The Mini Coops are always fun the see and some added vintage British telephones,double decker buses and mail boxes were on display to add a little extra amusement.

I always enjoy seeing the vintage cars and Lemay has brought them back again along with the famous Ace Cafe displays from London .

The Managing director of the Ace Cafe  Mark Wilsmore was there sporting a true 50 ‘s popmadoer hairdo. Also Billy Joels built some of his  motorcycles specially just for the Lemay And Ace Cafe display



  1. Thanks for taking me to the Auto Show through your post, since I couldn’t be there in person this year. I love seeing all those cars that they put on display, and I got the chance to glance at some in the photos you posted. That’s probably the only place I’ll see these cars, as they never seem to be on the road. Could you imagine driving some of them in or around Manhattan?

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