The Hollies -Look Through Any Window ,The Rolling Stones-Some Girls Live In Texas

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The Hollies:Look Through Any Window 1963-1975
This great collection features all The Hollies hits songs from their  television appearences in the 1960’s & 1970’s.
They were one of Britan’s finest pop groups.
There are interviews  from all 4  original  band members including Graham Nash,Alan Clark,Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott.
The picture quality is just superb.The Hollies had an amazing run of hit songs in the 1960’s like Bus Stop,I Can’t Let Go,Look Through Any Doorway and Stop Stop Stop.There is  some rare video footage of Dear Eloise, a Psycedelic tune written and sung by Graham Nash and other gems like Carrie Anne from the 1968 Spilt Festival in Yugoslavia.
Another great pop tune,  On A Carousel is included on this collection.
By the 1970’s Grahman Nash got tired of playing these pop tunes and left only to be replaced by Terry Sylvester.
The Hollies continued to make some great songs in the 1970’s like Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress and The Air That I Breath but it was their 1969 song He Aint Heavy He’s My Brother that was one of their best songs ever.
There’s some very rare footage of  home movies that show The Hollies on tour in the 1960’s and some extra behind the scenes locations.
This is the most complete Hollies collection to date.
The Rolling Stones -Some Girls Live in Texas 1978
It’s truely amazing that this live concert has never been released until now.
This show was filmed in a small venue in Fort Worth Texas
This live concert of The Rolling Stones live in Texas was very unique, as most of the songs from this are from their new record at the time called  Some Girls.
They played 7 of these tunes in a row instead of their usual greatist hits set.
Songs like Miss You and Beast Of Burden are exciting to watch along with older hits like Honky Tonk Woman and Jumping Jack Flash.
I enjoy seeing them perform Star Star ,one that they rarely play from their 1973 record Goats Head Soup.
It’s interesting to see Mick Jagger dress in cheap vintage clothes for this performance.
Also included is a recent interview of Mick Jagger looking back and giving his insight of  this show.
There is also bonus features of Their Saturday Night Live apearence from 1978 and ABC  news 20/20 interviews with The Roling Stones
 It seems that when it comes to The Rolling Stones putting out a new DVD there will always be some surprises and Some Girls Live In Texas is no exception

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