The Armory Show At Pier 92 And 94

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This year’s the 14th edtion of The Armory Show.It’s  one of the largest and most respected comtempary art fairs in the world. Heres a sample of what caught my attention. Andreas Serrano’s Level Of Disobedience piece is a of print of a shadow like silolette of a woman pointing a gun at a clown like alien.The Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art Gallery represents this fine artist.Next was Butter Front -Works by Soren Behncke.This artist from Denmark is best known for creating work from recycled containers.His cartoonish like images of people have a very original style about them. Gimhongsok’s Canine Construction is a dog sculpture from trash bags if you can believe that.The Tina Kim Gallery in New York showcased his work to stand out at their booth..Vivian Bullaudy the director of The Hollis Taggart Galleries  is here representing the late great pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.


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