Scope Art Fair March 7-11

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Scope Art Fair is the premier showcase place for seeing international emerging comptemporay artists. The Scope Art Fairs are not only in New York,but also in London.Miami,Basel and The Hamptons.This art fair gets some of the most wonderful art in the world. Some eye catching exhibitors this year were Peter Gronquist’s  Lesser Kudu,from The White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. His scuplture depicts a deer with guns attached to its antlers.Reko Reno a comtempory artist from Australia. His amazing use of mediums of spray paint and stencil make his portiats of animals very colorful.His work focuses on what it means to be an unban Aboriginal man in contemporary society. He is represeted by The Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Australia.Alex Moncian’s painting called Nuclear Jagger is of portait of the famous rock singer behind some crushed glass .His work can be found at And returning again from last year is Hubert Kretzschmar.He was showing some of his original prints from The Rolling Stone’s Some Girls album that he designed.The Light Feld Gallery represents his work.These artists are just a small taste of whats was happening at The Scope At Fair!


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