The Fountain Art Fair is the most cutting edge of all the art fairs.  Most of the artists are represented by independent galleries as opposed to major galleries and museums.  One of the highlights was the artist Skewville and his sculptures from The Mighty Tanka Gallery.  He designs sculptures of guitars, turntables and radios that are connected and switch on to  make interesting sounds.


Another interesting artist, JPL, has a very wild sculpture called Williamsburg Man.

Karl Kotas  has a very unique take on the rock group KISS. 


Paul Heath has some very humorous paintings of animals –  like smoking cats and tea-drinking monkeys.


An artist named Dave Tree has been involved with the Fountain Art Fair for quite some time.  He has not only been known for making some unconventional art but also has played in a punk rock band.  His paintings of toilet seats are very unusual  and quite amusing. 

Not only was there very cool art, but also some naked painted ladies that are the artists muse; a live rock and roll band called Spiritanimal; and a Prohibition Bakery giving out free alcohol cupcakes.

The Fountain Art Fair is not for the stuffy art snobs, but for the everyday creative artist – like you!

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