The Winter 2012 International Gift Fair Convention – Jacob Javits Center, NYC

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Jetro – Japanese External Trade Organization
A Focus on Japanese Life-Style Companies
Jetro, the Japanese External Trade Organization, brings together Japanese companies in this, their 14th convention appearance.  This trade organization has had a strong presence since 2005.
Here’s an overview of some of the Japanese companies Jetro brought together for the Winter 2012 International Gift Fair Convention at the Jacob Javits Convention in New York City:
Tegami – Booth # 1762 – Cutting Edge Greeting Cards – Tegami is the Japanese word for letter.  This company has been in the printing business for 100 years and is still going strong.
 D-Torso – Booth # 1764 – These products are great cardboard- constructed animal-design sculptures.  They are put together with no glue or scissors needed.  They are 3D images that are sliced into cross-section pieces and rebuilt using a system developed by AKI Co and are sold at art museums and design shops.  These animals are real eye-catching images and make great decorations. 
Hachiman – Booth # 1872 – A company that designs and manufactures high-end plastic home and novelty items to enrich peoples lives.  These products are not only designed to look cool but also serve as functional  means.  One of these great products is guitar-shaped and used for hanging up bags.
Skater – Booth # 1877 – These creative hign quality products are for everyday needs.  The Panda Bear products come in a wide variety of items and  are a great symbol and logo that all customers can enjoy. e/index.html
 Persona – Booth # 1869 – Persona designs and manufactures everyday house hold products.  This company stated in 1906 and is always staying on top of their game.  The Persona line features cutting edge colors and styles and add a lttle magic into daily household chores.  Their lastest product is a pair of funky slippers that look like a mop and are quite comfortable.
Mira Design Corp. –  Mira Design Corp., based in New York and in Los Angeles, is in the wholesale women’s and child’s clothing business, and they import their products from Yokohama.  The company’s President, Haruyoshi Miura, has been very active in Jetro and at Japanese trade conventions.

Haruyoshi Miura, President Mira Design Corp.


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