“The Look” – A film on Charlotte Rampling by Angelina Maccarone – The NYC Docs Festival at IFC 11/2/2011

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The Look is an in-depth biographical study of legendary British  actress Charlotte Rampling told through her own conversations with her close friends and collaborators. 

Charlotte Rampling

The Look is part of The NYC Docs Festival, a documentary film series.  There is some great footage of film clips of Charlotte Rampling’s movies through the decades.
It includes her big debut in  Geogie Girl, with Lynn Redgrave and Alan Bates, a really good historical piece from the London “Swinging 60’s” era
Other important film clips shown are Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories; Sidney Lumet’s The Verdict with Paul Newman; and her most well-known film, 1973’s The Night Porter with Dirk Bogarde, a film about a Nazi dancer.  Also included are her more recent films, such as Swimming Pool, Under The Sand and Heading South.
Charlotte Rampling gives us real insight into her acting style, her wisdom of life and how she goes about picking films that interest her.  She is a very underrated actress who has chosen roles with substance, even when the films were controversial. There is a very interesting dialog of her that was filmed inside a boxing ring and being interviewed by her son.  Also, there is a dicussion she has with her lover about a new photo shoot that they had done and how a collector bought the series of these photos
This film was shot very colorfully, creatively and artisticly.
The Look is one of the most fascinating documentaries that I have ever seen. 

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